This page is for pictures taken at recent Ponte Vedra Beach
Chamber of Commerce events, scroll down to view different events...
Proud member of  the  Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of Commerce
Sawgrass Marriott 50/50
Haven Trust Bank Ribbon Cutting
The Twisted Martini After Hours
Grand Opening of Ocean Life Fitness
Gregory Totten and Robert Baer
Steve Landoll and Billy Wagner
Lisa Ricci, Linda Bronfman and Jessica Taffin
Steve Landoll and Jessica Taffin  with Ginger Peace
Kevin McManus, Chris Peace and Daniel Gilham
Ribbon Cutting for Tamale Mollie
Mexican Restaurant
Ginger Peace, Frank Sausedo, Brett Duncan
Marshall Reddy, Karen Bassham and
Susan Johnson
Niki Vonsoosten, Susan Nottingham, Rhona Sapp
Bob Bernard &Chere Cain
Bryan Goode (Tripp), Seth Dempsey, Cynthia O'neal
Chris Peace, Bob Baer, Tina Biron, Barbara Cochran, Bill Ferrell
Fredrico Borta, Pedro Morales, and Frank Sausedo
Kitty  & Eric Schoenig