This page is for pictures taken at recent Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of Commerce events,
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Proud member of  the  Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of Commerce
Amanda Askew, Ann Trinh, Brenda Heideman, and Deborah Hanna
Shauna Kirn, Elizabeth Perez and Amanda Behnam
Shanna Laver and Jessie Dreicer
Claude and Nicole Franques
Kevin McManus, Stephanie McNeill, Kristen McManus,
Ginger Peace and Jake McNeill
Liz Duncan and Debbie Harbour
Tu Mullins, Tye & Cristina Crews and Elizabeth Green
Carrie and Ricky Davis
Rebecca Woods, Dustin Taylor and Matt Brown of Stonewood Tavern and Grill
Tom Whicher and Jerry Soriano
Joy Budner and Shannon Hogg
Lori Pierce, Patrick Morris and Elizabeth Plaine  
of Elizabeth's Cafe'
Mark Slyter, michelle Barrigan and Jarret Dreicer
Mark & Gayle Middlebrook, Stephanie Berns, a& Tiffany Martens
Dustin Swinney, Michael Young and MichaelNeef of Aroma
Penny Sanders, Liz & Brett Duncan, Karen Kelly and Debbie and Mike Harbour
Chef of Cafe' Italiano
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I will do my best to correct it.