Above all else, I am an artist.  I see beauty in everything
and everyone and try to portray individuals as I see them,
from the inside.   I perceive each photograph as a work of
art rather than a simple snapshot and strive to preserve a
moment in time to be cherished for years to come.
I love to create. I am a muralist and a potter. I use my
artistic abilities in my photography as well.  I am able to
enhance portraits with computer software to not only
make them more beautiful, but more interesting. I see this
as an art form in an of itself, which I refer to as "pixel
painting."  Some of my enhanced photography has been
featured at the Adele Grage Cultural Center, in Atlantic
Beach, FL.  I have painted well over one hundred murals
in South Carolina,  Florida, and  in Costa Rica.  Click

ere for pictures of a few of my works.

I reside in Jacksonville,  FL where I  specialize in
photographing children and adults with special needs.  I
have a degree in Special Education  of the  Severely
Disabled  and am registered with Special Kids
Photography of America.  I have taught special education
from preschool to high school.   I consider myself to be
well equipped to work with those persons who may need
an extra ounce of patience- someone willing to wait for
that perfect moment to capture a small piece of someone's
soul, the part that is usually left unseen.

I enjoy photographing what others would not normally
find beauty in so that I can share what I "see" - a stream of
raw sewage flowing from a refugee camp, rows of rusty
tin creating a makeshift wall, trash piles atop houses, the
dirty faces of orphaned children, and yes, even mold! If
you look hard enough, there is something beautiful about
everything!  If I am able to stir something within someone
so deeply as to touch their heart, then I have succeeded in
portraying my vision.

By combining my love for art, my compassion and
understanding of  the human spirit and my ability to work
with others,  I  have developed a passion for  
photography.  I photograph weddings, reunions, birthdays,
maternity, family portraits and corporate events.  Call or
Email today to schedule  an appointment.  Weddings book
as far out as one year in advance. I will travel to any
location of your choice including the area's beaches and
marshes.  I am available on weekends and evenings and  
on weekdays during the Summer.   
This is me-
not afraid to get dirty...
not afraid to get involved...
not afraid to leave my mark on the world!
During the past two years, I have had the
honor of photographing the living conditions
in Bajo Tejares, a poor community made up
largely of refugees from Nicaragua and in an
orphanage outside of San Ramon, Costa Rica.