When choosing your location and color of your clothing, try to think in terms of
where the portrait will hang in your home.  Following are some basic guidelines, but
the most important rule of all is for you to feel comfortable and to enjoy your time.

Color Portrait Clothing:

Depending on your taste, you may want to select subtle colors such as ivory, taupe, white, navy, black, earth tones or pastels.
However, bright colors can be fun and spark interest.  Basically, if you want your subjects to blend harmoniously amongst
subjects, avoic having everyone wear ivory except for one person in navy. the person in navy will become the focal point.

Avoid clothing with busy patterns or slogans.  Stripes, plaids, polka dots, flowers, and such distract the viewer particularly in
large family groups where everyone is wearing different patterns. Some patterns  can also date clothing much quicker in terms
of fashion changes. For children's portraits, you may want funky patterns and stripes in bright colors.  Just put some thought
into what type of look you are going for and then GO for it!  

Want suggestions on hats for babies etc, just let me know and I'll suggest some great websites.  

I do a combination of sitting and standing poses so feet will sometimes be shown.  When applicable I prefer to keep everyone
barefoot; however, shoe choices are important.  Avoid gym shoes or other "clunky" big shoes like boots. Simple and discreet
are always best. For engagement sessions, sassy  shoes look great!

Keep in mind that lighter colors add weight while darker colors subtract weight. Multiple layers of clothing can also add weight.

Black and White Portrait Clothing:

Darker colors work best for more dramatic black and white portraits. Darker colors blend seamlessly into the background
placing greater emphasis on the subject matter and relationship between subjects.

It is highly recommended that simple, long-sleeved black or navy shirts work best. Turtlenecks are preferred since they hide
the neck, which is slimming.  Also be sure to wear black or dark pants as well. Dark denim can add a more casual feel.

Jewelry: Be sure to keep jewelry simple and avoid wearing a watch to your session.  Try to select items that are timeless
rather than trendy.  

Makeup: Feel free to bring any makeup and hair styling products to your session. In photographs, particularly black and
white, makeup does not show up as it normally would. It is recommended that makeup be worn a shade or two darker than
normally worn. Be sure that makeup is well blended.

With engagment sessions, larger senior packages and bridal portraits, you can add a makeup artist to your package for just
$50 per person.  Makeup artist will come to your home and do a facial, glamour makeover and you get to keep a lipcolor and
foundation of your choice!

French manicures photograph the best in both black and white and color.

When in doubt:   khaki and white  or blue jeans and white is always a safe bet for a group.   Try to stay within the same
shade of khaki or jeans.

Feel free to bring a change of clothes for your sitting.   I look forward to working with you.  If you have any other
questions, feel free to contact me by email or phone.